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Tricity Pain Associates of North Dallas

Tricity Pain Associates is a medical practice that focuses on the diagnosis and management of chronic pain. We specialize in treating all kinds of pain disorders and injuries that have resulted in sudden bouts of discomfort or persistent irritation. Our team is empathetic to the pain you are experiencing and is dedicated to relieving your symptoms with the best solutions possible so you can get back to doing the things you love with the people you love. If you are suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia, severe migraines, lower back pain, or joint pain, we invite you to call us today. Reach out to any of our North Dallas locations in Carrollton, Prosper, McKinney, or Irving, TX. We are here to guide you through your health journey to bring long-term relief.

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Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped to provide full-service pain management to North Texas area patients. Our modern offices offer welcoming reception areas and several individual treatment rooms furnished with the advanced tools and technologies needed to provide safe and effective care to those in need of pain relief.

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"Dr Epstein and his staff are just fantastic. I have to say i was very scared about the whole procedure but Ann, Johnathan and the good doc eased my fears and the terrible pain in my knees. I will most definitely continue to see him, and send anyone needing his expertise his way."



"Dr. Epstein and his entire staff are wonderful people to work with and have caring hearts and welcoming smiles. Not to mention, I have no pain today after his treatments! Highly recommend this entire practice!"



"Dr. Epstein is a great listener and impeccable doctor! I have benefited from being in his care. He is considerate and full of helpful information to help improve my quality of life."



"Jeremy was very helpful with my back pain. He saw me for a consultation and reviewed my information very thoroughly and based on that analysis we proceeded with shots for my back . The two shots I received reduced my pain by at least 90% and I went from really not being able to put socks on to playing sports and running like I used to. I would highly recommend him to anyone that has chronic pain and is looking to find relief."



"For almost 20 years off and on, I've seen doctor's that would say that my issue stemmed from another issue my body has. I'd say, "It didn't feel like it, is there anything else?"The responses were so cold and for the most part, they may have thought I wanted drugs or to get out of working... Their attitudes just didn't settle with me.Three years ago, I found a pain management clinic to relieve my pain, but other issues still existed!Yes, even neurologist said that putting a brace on my foot would be the best he could recommend. My testimony is long but the conclusion is, Dr. Epstein "listened" with precision, I might add.My process began about the end of June 2019. Now it's September 2019. My pain level has come down from 10 + to1 or .5!In the few short months I've been acquainted with Dr. Epstein and his staff, I've received THE BEST pain management care, ever.They understand our bodies are traumatized by pain and with their calm demeanor, all of them do the best possible to make you feel better right from the beginning.Thanks to Tricity Pain Management, I'm getting my life back. I am able to walk normal, like I did 3 years ago.They are a blessing!"




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If you are experiencing acute or chronic pain without relief from self-care remedies, such as over-the-counter pain medications, then it may be time to see a medical professional. Reach out to Tricity pain Associates in Carrollton, Prosper, McKinney,Irving, TX to schedule a private consultation with one of our gifted physicians today. We also invite you to explore our patient resources, meet our caring team, and view our extensive list of services to learn more.