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About Vertebroplasty

A vertebroplasty is a procedure that injects bone cement into one or more vertebrae to correct a fracture. The spine is made up of 33 vertebrae, which provide support and stability to the body. When one of these bones is damaged, it can compromise the overall structure of the spine in addition to causing unwanted symptoms, such as severe pain and limited mobility. Vertebroplasty helps restore the structural integrity of the spine after an injury. Traditionally, when a vertebra collapses or breaks, a brace is used to prevent movement of the spine, which can also result in further damage. With vertebroplasty, the fractured bones are securely held in place by the ossein cement to prevent additional deterioration. Call Tricity Pain Associates in Carrollton, Prosper, McKinney, or Irving, TX to schedule a one-on-one consultation with one of our medical professionals today. We can review your condition closely to determine if vertebroplasty is right for you. 

Vertebroplasty treatment

Vertebroplasty is considered an outpatient procedure and generally takes about one hour for each bone being treated. At the start of your surgery, a sedative will be provided to help keep you as comfortable as possible in addition to local anesthesia. Then, advanced x-ray technology will be used to guide the placement of the bone cement. Once the treatment site is determined, a needle will be inserted into the designated area and the material will be injected into the fractured bone. As the material hardens, the damaged bone will become more stable and secure. Many patients report significant improvement within 48 hours of their surgery. 

Vertebroplasty is an advanced treatment that has helped countless men and women who are suffering from a fractured vertebra, and it may be the therapy you need to bring substantial relief. Contact one of our North Dallas locations in Carrollton, Prosper, McKinney, or Irving, TX to learn more.

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