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About Neck Pain

Neck pain can arise for many different reasons, such as stress, muscle strain, poor posture, or an injury. Other factors, such as sleeping habits and certain medical conditions, may be to blame as well. Symptoms of neck pain generally include tightness, numbness, sharp pain, and migraines. These symptoms can be chronic or come and go suddenly, which can hinder your overall quality of life and prevent you from performing simple, daily tasks with ease. Tricity Pain Associates has been serving the Greater Dallas area for years and is pleased to offer high-quality pain management care to our local community. When you visit our office, we will take our time to listen to your unique concerns to find the right solution for you. We look forward to serving you. Reach out to any of our locations in Carrollton, Prosper, McKinney, or Irving, TX today.

Neck Pain Treatment

Generally, neck pain will go away on its own, but if you have tried conservative therapies, such as anti-inflammatory medications, neck collars, and hot/cold compresses, without any signs of improvement, then it may be time to see a doctor. We will typically recommend physical therapy first to help ease your pain, but in some cases, more advanced treatments are needed. These often include steroid injections and nerve stimulation. Every patient case is different, but we are committed to providing individualized care so you can receive the best treatment possible. 

Are you tired of suffering from excruciating neck pain? Call Tricity Pain Associates in Carrollton, Prosper, McKinney, or Irving, TX to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists today. We can perform a thorough assessment to examine your concerns so you can explore all of your treatment options. 

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